Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It is never Just

So often we find ourselves saying well we can just do this, or a designer will ask can you just add a detail here. That little word makes so much work. It is after all a four letter word. It should join those other four letter words. I am trying to remove Just from my vocabulary. I tend not to use the other 4 letter words that we all know and lover so why should not his one be added to the list?

I was recently working on a work island made of translucent material called Chroma by 3-Form. The unit has 2 doors on the main base cabinet. The architect asked me to install two small pulls made out of the same material. I believe that he may have said something along the lines of " could you just add a piece like this? Well those 2 pieces ended up taking me a full morning to complete and install. How often do we find ourselves saying I'll just... cet'e jamis juste!

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