Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Father's Many Hats

As a self employed woodworker one gets to wear many different hats. I get to work as a designer, engineer, finisher, sales man, builder, accountant and driver. Many of these skills over lap and some of them take me out of the shop and to intriguing places. When I worked with Habitat For Humanity all of the hats got to be worn during the same time. During my time at Habitat I discovered the meaning of "home".
Habitat's mission is to build simple decent homes for working families. Soon after my son was born I was walking home from working at Habitat and I felt the security of my home and how important it would be for my own son. The families at Habitat taught me how something so simple could mean so much.
In traveling around the world the importance of the simple home is what really joins us together. We as parents all want the same thing for our children, a safe place. Each of us defines that security in a different manner. I do believe that our children do look to us for security and strength. As we walk through our lives we are also walking with our children. As a father, I am honored to share with my son the lessons that my dad taught me as he wore his many hats.

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