Monday, July 29, 2013

Set The Table

I just finished building a Chef's Table, designed by Ian Kirby or Elm restaurant in New Cannan CT. The table is made with 1/4 sawn American Walnut that was shipped to us through Wood Finders. To start the project Ian made a few mock ups while I rough dressed the boards so that we could see the colors and let the stress in the wood do what it may. Ian then came over to the shop so that we could lay out the top. We picked through the boards first to find the best face. We then arraigned the planks on saw horses and placed them in different order until we were happy with the grain orientation and the relationship of one board to the next. Ian went off back to his home and studio leaving us to glue up the top and prepare the skirting.
Meanwhile the metal worker Bobbie R got busy making up a sample leg so that we could determine how the leg would fit to the top. Once Bobbie brought the leg over we reviewed it, made some changes and let him go off and fabricate all 4 legs that we would need. These legs are rather robust as they are only held on at the corners of the table. One issue with welding metal is that it is hard to maintain tolerances that a furniture maker is looking for. Once Bobbie brought the legs back to our shop we ended up adding a series of set screw so that we could tweak the alignment. All in all everything worked out. Today I finished up the table by attaching the legs to the top and putting the table onto the ground. It stands well and does not budge. I know that people will be gathering around this table and having a grand feast. 
Take a look at the finished project or book your reservation and enjoy a meal on the table.

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