Saturday, February 16, 2013

Susan's Chairs continued

Maple Chair Arms 

Most of the jobs that we do involve making parts, sometimes there are many parts and then there are times that we just can't stop making parts. This project is one of them. The numbers are 800 4mm x 10mm mortices, 80 8mm x 40mm mortices 80 6mm x 40mm. This week we were able to get the frames assembled and determine the size of the seats and the length of the backs. Those will go out to be upholstered on Monday.

Milling of the parts has created 6 large bags of wood chips. There are some horses in Milford who will be enjoying the fruits of our labors when the chips are spread in their stalls. 

This is the jog that Dan used to mill the curve on the rear sear support. A good cup of coffee always makes the day go better.     

Front seat supports 

When you look at the back of the chairs you will see these Maple backs.

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